The following five packages are $25 per on-site visit, plus $25 per hour (minimum 1 hour).

I do not stock or sell computer hardware or software, so you will purchase those items yourself, with my help if you like.

Combine as many packages into one visit as you like -- the rate is the same! Try getting that kind of deal from your local electronics store.

Security Package

Software Package

Hardware Package

Networking / Internet Package

Gadget Package

The Telephone Package is $25 per on-site visit, plus $25 per hour for standard phone jack work (minimum 1 hour).

Wall fishing is $45 per hour and includes phone jack work (minimum 1 hour).

I do stock telephone jacks, cords and wall plates. The cost of these items is NOT included in the on-site visit or hourly rates.

The PowerPoint Package is not charged based on an hourly rate.

We will agree on a fair one-time charge based on the amount of development required such as text, templates, animations, sound, video, narration, speakers notes and graphics.

Telephone Package

PowerPoint Package

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